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2018 – Shake-ups & Changes

              O, Tempora! O, Mores!

O, Times! O, Manners! It is my opinion
That you are changing sadly your dominion –
I mean the reign of manners hath long ceased,
For men have none at all, or bad at least;
And as for times, altho’ ‘tis said by many
The “good old times” were far the worst of any,
Of which sound doctrine I believe each tittle,
Yet still I think these worse than them a little.

I’ve been a thinking – isn’t that the phrase? –
I like your Yankee words and Yankee ways –
I’ve been a thinking, whether it were best
To take things seriously, or all in jest;
Whether, with grim Heraclitus of yore,
To weep, as he did, till his eyes were sore;
Or rather laugh with him, that queer philosopher,
Democritus of Thrace, who used to toss over
The page of life and grin at the dog-ears,
As though he’d say, “Way, who the devil cares?”

This is a question which, oh heaven, withdraw
The luckless query from a member’s claw!
Instead of two sides, Job has nearly eight,
Each fit to furnish forth four hours debate.
What shall be done? I’ll lay it on the table,
And take the matter up when I’m more able;
And, in the meantime, to prevent all bother,
I’ll neither laugh with one, nor cry with t’other,
Nor deal in flatt’ry or aspersions foul,
But, taking one by each hand, merely growl. […]

(Edgar Allan Poe)

Biting Through.

[…] "If the world will ever know its best, it must learn COOPERATION! […]

([759-12] The Edgar Cayce Records)   >>

    But it’s a BIG IF, watch out for your own. How they put it in a song, “Fool if you think its over, it’s just begun.” The situation resembles muddy waters and slow biting through and out of the mess. The financial markets being a hocus-pocus in the global circus is balancing on the edge of professional blunder as a trigger point to tumble it all down. Central banks all over the world are trying as hell to create an illusion of well-being, but the system rigged with weak points is bound for a systemic collapse. Western financial system is running on empty, pouring from empty to bottomless. Financial elites are fighting in their own bubble while the rest of the world implementing necessary steps to defend what’s theirs. And those that don’t hedge against global cabal trickery will end up like Sweden and Germany. Germany is being flooded with migrants double tide, by land and by plane. Flooding the country with dysfunctional culturally-opposed non-integrating migrants destroying law-abiding taxpaying citizenry, culture and traditions to such an extent that there are no taxes – no state, no state – no country, only a territory to conquer and new markets to develop. What joy for Transnationalists.
    Creating a global event to save their greedy asses is their only means of escape. The world-wide situation is changing and it’s changing fast.
    In a situation like this a new “Yalta Treaty” is a must! Setting the record straight and establishing new rules of the Big Game to the satisfaction of all major players.

«Ты вырвешь у дракона зубы и растопчешь львов, – сказал господь»

Александр Дюма «Граф Монте-Кристо»

«You will rip the dragon’s teeth and trample on the lions, said the Lord»

Alexandre Dumas «The Count of Monte Cristo»

Lessons Of The Past.

    Learn the past, to know the future. A good plan should never go to waste, or so they say.
    Here we have a fine example of treacherous thinking. The best parts at the end as always, but here’s the gist of it: “The suggested course of action appended to Enclosure A are based on the premise that US military intervention will result from a period of heightened US-Cuban tensions which place the United States in the position of suffering justifiable grievances. World opinion, and the United Nations forum should be favorably affected by developing the international image of the Cuban government as rash and irresponsible, and as an alarming and unpredictable threat to the peace of the Western Hemisphere.” Sounds familiar, ain’t it.

Historical Detail:
    For those who thinks there were no drones in the sixties, here’s one from the forties of the last century. And by the way, Nicola Tesla was running remotely-controlled boat models as back as 1898.

Bell_Airacomet.jpg, 71kB

Tesla_radiocontrol.jpg, 183kB

    It did not work out in Cuba in the early sixties, but twenty years later somewhere in the Soviet Far East… A psychological trigger point was created for Soviet governing elite with South Korean flight KAL007 in 1983, and it did not work out well for the Soviets.

    Fast forward another three decades and MH17 falls out of the skies, curious ain’t it? Who’s there to guaranty that at the very decisive moment within some significant event there won’t be any 911s or another mass shooting that will be investigated into obscurity and classified for the next some gazillion of years.

Universal laws ‘re for lackeys; Contests ‘re for Kings, or so they say.

Blood On The Root – Blood On The Fuit

Disturbing forces always bring about confusions and faults of every nature. For the only sin of man is selfishness!
And Karma is such a bitch!

“What fault your fathers find in me,
that they strayed so far from me?
They followed worthless idols
and became worthless themselves.”

Jeremiah 2:5

This is what the Lord says:
“Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient path,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.
But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’
I appointed watchmen over you and said,
‘Listen to the sound of trumpet!’
But you said, ‘We will not listen.’
Therefore hear, O nations;
observe, O witnesses,
what will happen to them.
Hear, O earth:
I am bringing disaster on this people,
the fruit of their schemes,
because they have not listened to my words
and have rejected my laws.”

Jeremiah 6:16 – 6:19

Therefore this is what the Lord says:
“I will put obstacles before this people.
Fathers and sons alike will stumble over them;
neighbors and friends will perish.”

Jeremiah 6:21

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