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2017 – The fork in the road.


[…] There are divine or universal laws, as there are nature’s laws and their application change according to circumstance, or manner of application through understanding. […]

[…] Man’s development, as given, is of man’s understanding and applying the laws of the Universe. And as man applies these, man develops, man brings up the whole generation of man. Individuals, we find, carry out certain elements and laws, and gradually man becomes capable of applying and using these in the everyday life of man. […]

[…] For, know that in whatever position an entity, a soul finds itself, it is that the greater opportunity may be had for fulfilling the purposes for which each soul enters a material experience – and that the greater opportunity arises from and through that condition, that experience. […]

[…] Take counsel in self. Give unto self that worthy, acceptable period of service, for in service to others, is lending to that Creative Energy that makes or destroys lives. Lives are as worlds, for each is of that material of which the universe is and was created – for in the life of the entity enters many of those conditions that may be made into miracles or crimes. […]

[…] There are abilities, there are urges latent and manifested, but first in self find thine own ideal, spiritually, mentally, physically. Then study to show thyself approved; that is, act like ye know what it’s all about. For life is earnest; life is an opportunity to show the appreciation to the divine within, with the divine in thy fellowman, and if ye act in that manner much more joy, much more worthwhile will be the earthly experience. […]

[…] For, the very fact of an individual having a physical consciousness, no matter his/her state or status in the material plane, is an indication of the awareness that The Creator is mindful of that soul, by giving it an opportunity to express in the material plane. […]

[…] For whether they be Greek, Parthenian, Jew or Gentile – whether they be of Mohammed, Confucius, or even Shinto or On or Mu – the Lord, the God, is one! For all force, all power that is manifested in thyself, is of the ONE source. […]

[…] It is not the knowledge, then, but what one does with one’s abilities, one’s opportunities in relationships to others, that makes for the development or retardment of that individual. […]

[…] For remember, there is the immutable law, that changeth not, “As ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, so shall it be done unto thee.” As ye sow, so shall ye reap! […]

[…] Know that life is as a river or a stream which is constant, and each appearance is as a pool that may refresh, in which others may be refreshed or become and not get very far in a development in a material or earthly sojourn; or it may apply the truths of the spirit – as the ripple, as a part of the physical consciousness in every experience. […]

[…] For each soul’s expression in the earth is to be a channel through which Creative Forces or God may be made the greater manifest in the experience of those an individual contacts from day to day.
    So Life in all its experiences is a practical application of the concept of God or Creative Energy in the lives of individuals as they deal with their associations. […]

[…] Remember, ever, that where shortcomings have existed and do exist in the experience, those that are wise use same as stepping stones to the real development;
    That the earth has been given as a schooling for those that in the beginnings erred in self-indulgences, self-aggrandizement, self-glorification, is indeed a merciful experience then, even to those that find turmoils, strife and antagonism and disturbing forces in their experience. […]

[…] In whatever state the self is found to be, that may be used as a stepping stone to greater opportunities and to greater successes – if the laws that pertain to spiritual forces, in expression in a mental and material world, are kept in sight. […]

[…] Know that no meeting with other individuals is chance. Rather should it be – and is – as an opportunity not only for self-expression but for the expression of that for which the real self stands. […]

[…] Hence the entity is continuously meeting its own self and what it has done towards its ideal. And there is constantly the choice before the mental self (for the Mind is the Builder) as to what it will do with its opportunities of every nature in its relationships to its ideal in the activities towards others. […]

[…] Hence the sojourn of a soul in its environ about the earth, or in this solar system, gives the factors that are often found in individuals in the earth that are of the same parentage, in the same environ; yet one might be a genius and the other a fool; one might be a moral degenerate and the other a high, upright, upstanding individual with an aptitude for influences that may not even be questioned. Such environs physically are needed for the development of the soul. […]

[…] Know that ye are going through a period of testing. Remain true to all that has been committed to thee, and know that each day is an opportunity, and an experience. Not as to force an issue but ever constructive. Sow the seed of truth, the seed of the spirit. God will give the increase. […]

[…] Do not let anxieties become stumbling blocks in thy dealings with others. Do not let the physical conditions become an excuse as to thy feelings and thy relationships to others. Rather let them be met as one. […]

[…] Brace up! Know in what ye have believed and do believe, but know Who is also the AUTHOR of such. For life is real, life is earnest, and the grave is NOT the goal!
    For ye are WHAT ye are because of thy use of the opportunities, that are given thee respecting creative forces and influences in thy experience. […]

[…] Yes, it is a fact that a life experience is a manifestation of divinity. And the mind of an entity is the builder. Then as the entity sets itself to do or to accomplish that which is of a creative influence or force, it comes under the interpretation of the law between karma and grace. No longer is the entity then under the law of cause and effect, or karma, but rather in grace it may go on to the higher calling as set in Him. […]

[…] So, in life’s experience through an earth’s sojourn, it is altered by the use of that as is sometimes called opportunity; for each experience, each day, each thought, offers an entity an opportunity; for development or for retardment – for it ever remains the same, “This day – now – there is set before thee good and evil. Choose thou.” […]

(The Edgar Cayce Readings)   >>

Shift the blame is the game.

    The latest political turmoil and phobias show a disturbing trend in american psyche. Unable to cope with overwhelming defeat a part of the american society spiralled into the darkest part of human being.
    The perpetrators that have done the dirty deeds are almost always trying to accuse the opposite side of doing that very thing and scream shamelessly as loud as possible, so much so, that people get sick of it and stop listening to anyone. And the goal is achieved, they get away with murder.

[…] "We start lobbing modern atomic weapons at each other, and the Stone Age will seem like advanced technology."
    "What about Korea?"
    "Limited wars are still a possibility", he said, "but the best option of all is psychological warfare." […]

("TRAINED TO KILL the inside story of CIA plots against CASTRO, KENNEDY, AND CHE" by A. Veciana with C. Harrison)   >>

    The best way to illustrate is the documental movie by Metanoia-Films "PSYWAR".

Psywar from S DN on Vimeo.

Meddling in Russian Election 1996.

    And here is the real story how the election can be stolen in a trice. And then you wonder who tought them russians to spin the elections: EXELENT TEACHERS!

    When key players are groomed for the specific purpouse, very liile is left to a chance. Here we have an interestng video from the Truthstream Media about sororities in colleges and univercities and some strange things behind them.

These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America.

All in all, Lord Nelson was right saying: “Never mind the maneuvers, just go straight at them.”


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