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...Happy New Year,
If You Can!...

    2014 was one eventful year, from the missing plane to the shot-down one. All sorts of "springs" happening all over the world. And the dream has finally happened: Europe got bent over, and US private army "Academi" had set its foot in Eastern Ukraine. Also on domestic front things are falling apart from Ferguson to economy. Of course, if you believe official numbers from US department of lies, the economy is better than ever. The level of degradation of the US gov. never ceases to amaze, according to the recent data they came up with another slick "bean counter" maneuver.
    But what goes around, comes around. Here it comes, 2015! Strap your boots on, and buckle up. More fun is to be expected...

Here's what $5 billons will buy you.

Victims of policies.

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