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God Himself knows not what man will destine to do with himself, else would He not have repented that He had made man! He has given man free will. MAN destined the body!...
    ...So soon as man contemplates his free will he thinks of it as a means of doing the opposite of God's will, though he finds that only by doing God's will does he find happiness. Yet, the notion of serving God sits ill with him, for he sees it as a sacrifice of his will.

("EDGAR CAYCE'S Story of Jesus" By Jeffrey Furst)  >>

...Ukrainian Psychosis 2013-2015...

    Here we have a combined pdf-article from web trilogy by Andrey Vadzhra (sorry it's in Russian, but...) this is a psychoanalysis of the situation in Ukraine based on analogous events in Rwanda in 1994. The state of induced psychosis of the mass developed over several years of targeted propaganda. Basically, brainwashing on grand scale with “admirable” results.
    The gist of it is that people in Ukraine do not have an easy (and now legal) access to alternative news source and have to “eat up” whatever their psychopath government (installed by in 2014 as a result of paramilitary coup d'etat) feeds to them as “truth”.

    This injured Ukrainian nationalist “karatel'” (AKA death squadron soldier) from OUN by name Vitaliy Viktorovich Artemchuk talks about his reasoning for going to the eastern Ukrainian region Donbass to fight so called “separatists” and Russian army only to find locals fighting for their dear lives, their families, and their motherland. He was left behind by his “compadres” on a mission of reconnaissance. So, after being captured he slowly realizes that he was fed with lies for the last couple of years. So much so, that “the reality” he knew in Ukraine has nothing to do with the real situation. And he came to Donbass on fool's errand to spill blood of the innocent people (and what's more abhorrent, people with common history and relations with his own) for satisfaction of Kiev junta. This is a typical situation of any country ripped apart by political lies and a civil war in a big game of geopolitical dominance of one alliance or another.

    Here we have the two-part report from The Foundation for the Study of Democracy “War crimes of the armed forces and security forces of Ukraine: torture of the Donbass region residents” (in English).

Part 1

Part 2

    In this video a victim of kidnapping and torture by pro-Ukrainian military forces tells his story (in Russian).


The promise (of The Pentecost) comes from the New Covenant which Jesus proclaimed – that as we live through Him, we live under the Law of Grace rather than the Law of Karma. Karma being the Old Testament's law of cause and effect – or "Eye for eye and tooth for tooth". [...] the Law of Grace was always a potential for Mankind, but it wasn't until Jesus became The Christ – through accepting the crucification of self and then rising from the dead – that this New Covenant became a reality for everyone. Yet, in reality the Law of Grace still exists only as a promise to those who willingly follow His last admonition – "That we love one another, even as He has loved us". Otherwise we are still living under Karma.

("EDGAR CAYCE'S Story of Jesus" By Jeffrey Furst)  >>

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